Is Sierra Leone about to become African tourism's

With big ears, brown eyes and a nappy wrapped around him, little caesar has no concept that he represents his native land. His mother turned into killed while he was simply 8 weeks antique (he is now aged seven months) and he has on account that been cared for by means of a female called mama p. I watch as she holds the child chimp in her hands, lulling him with smooth ìoooh-ooh-oohî noises. Tenderly, caesar strokes her face, pulls down her paper mask and raises his hirsute hands to her lips to be kissed.

Caesarís home is tacugama chimpanzee sanctuary in sierra leone, a rustic that has had a rough trip of late. The government these days announced that the chimpanzee is to be its national animal, representing the face of natural world conservation and sustainable tourism for the future.